Download IGNOU AOM-1 question papers

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Here you can download IGNOU AOM–01 question papers from December 2011 to December 2015. AOM-1 is one of the courses of bachelor's degree program (BDP). The title of this course is OFFICE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT. Time allowed for this paper is two hours and the maximum marks is 50. It carries 70% weightage. You need to attempt any five questions which carries 10 marks each. Here you can also find AOM-1 study materials & books here if you can to study online.

Download IGNOU AOM-1 question papers

Semester Download
December 2011 file_downloadDownload
June 2012 file_downloadDownload
December 2012 file_downloadDownload
June 2013 file_downloadDownload
December 2013 file_downloadDownload
June 2014 file_downloadDownload
December 2014 file_downloadDownload
June 2015 file_downloadDownload
December 2015 file_downloadDownload

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