IGNOU MS-06 Solved Assignment 2015

IGNOU MS-06 Solved Assignment 2015
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IGNOU MS-06 (Marketing for Managers) Solved Assignment January 2015 Preview

Course Code : MS-06
Course Title : Marketing for Managers
Assignment Code : MS-06/TMA/SEM-I/2015
Coverage : All Blocks

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30th April, 2015 to the coordinator of your study center.

1. (a) Distinguish Product Marketing Vs Services Marketing with suitable illustrations.

Ans.: The whole “product versus service marketing” topic is nothing new to marketers all over the world. Google the term and you will find more than enough material on topics such as the tangibility versus intangibility and how product marketing is relatively easier as compared to services marketing. I have collaborated with both software services and software product marketing teams over the years and the experience has been very different.

A key point that marketers have to remember is that the customer is the best advertiser, be it a product or a service. It is basic human nature to go for the tried, tested and validated products/services. This comes from our innate nature of not wanting to take too many risks. The primary reason product and services marketing differ based on this innate human nature.

Products are described as tangible, which can be touched, felt or experienced. A software product can be downloaded and a trial version could be installed in your system. Consider the average user of smart phones. It is highly likely that a majority of these users has never read the user manual unless they encounter some serious problems. Then, how is it that they are quite efficient at operating it? It is because they learn by experimentation. This experimentation is possible because the product is tangible. Repeated experimentation is possible when it comes to products and it is these experimentation that decide if the product sells itself or not. The risk level has been lowered since the experience of the product is tested beforehand and the customer is secure in the knowledge that the test product and final one delivered are not radically different from one another.

Services on the other hand are a different game altogether. Consider a beauty salon that offers haircuts and spa treatments. Each hairdresser and spa specialist differs from the other. They have their own unique skills and levels of experience. A hairdresser might have years of experience and very good skills but if at the end of it all, the customer does not like the haircut they got, they are less likely to recommend them to others. When it comes to service marketing, the experience of the customer is what counts the most and it is also the hardest part to market. Even if the salon decides to give free facials or haircuts as a part of brand promotion, repeated experiences are rare and hence the user always has a sense of caution. This is because a service rendered depends also on the moods of the customer at that particular time. These factors make services marketing highly challenging. A major part of service marketing depends on the relationship the marketer/ seller is able to establish with the customer. Studies have proven that it is difficult for people to be highly negative towards someone who is very positive in their behavior towards the said person. Their trust level is also higher in people they are familiar with. Marketers have to remember this and always create good relationships with their customers.

When it comes to marketing of services, do remember that it is all about customer relationships. An example I can give is that of a Southwest Airlines case. A customer who was a vegetarian was mistakenly given a non-vegetarian meal and he when complained, the air hostess found out that a vegetarian meal was not available. She gave him some fruits she had with her instead, profusely apologizing for the mistake. Once the airplane landed, the captain personally escorted the passenger to the executive lounge where a special meal was arranged. They then proceeded to give the passenger a complimentary car ride from the airport to the hotel. The passenger was so highly impressed with the staff that he decided that he would always travel with them whenever he had to travel. This earned Southwest Airlines a lifetime customer! Similarly, Compassites prides itself in the customer relationships that it has fostered over the past 7 years of operations.

Some might argue that to understand each and every customer’s psyche is impossible when a business might have hundreds of customers, but one has to remember that most of human behavior is quite similar in nature irrespective of their race, age etc. The solution to having a huge amount of customers is creating a demographic of similarly behaving individuals, understanding the demographic and catering to their needs.

That said, neither product nor services marketing would produce great results if the underlying product or service is of poor standards. It is highly critical to maintain quality in terms of product and service for it to be a success.

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