Download MS-52 Solved Assignment 2015

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Download MS-52 Solved Assignment 2015
Download MS-52 Solved Assignment 2015

Welcome to IGNOU MS-52 Solved Assignment 2015 download section of Here you will be able to download IGNOU MS-52 (Project Management) Solved Assignment for (January - June) 2015 session for free exclusively on this website. To get other solved assignments like our facebook page.

IGNOU MS-52 (Project Management) Solved Assignment January 2015 Preview

Course Code : MS-52
Course Title : Project Management
Assignment Code : MS-52/TMA/SEM-I/2015
Coverage : All Blocks

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30th April, 2015 to the coordinator of your study center.

Q1. Distinguish between project and production management, giving examples. What, according to you, are the critical success factors in project management?


There will be a crossroad, at some point, when every contractor must evaluate the direction of the business in order to begin the growth of the company. This crossroad will define the company’s management, and how current and future projects are being contracted and completed. This article will help define the differences between two models, Project Management and Production Management, to better understand each and explain the benefits and pitfalls in detail.

The Project Manager model, by name, indicates the management function. The Project Manager is, in whole, the responsible individual for procuring the work, bidding, manpower, subbing, cost management, purchasing, etc.


Most companies will not financially be able to provide any additional help, such as, secretarial, estimating or purchasing. This leaves the Project Manager in a problematic position. In scale, the Project Manager must solicit work by advertising, using bid rooms or other methods of securing projects to bid on. Finding time to bid the projects, knowing the capture rates can be as low as 1 in 10 can place our Project Manager in position of not managing current work in progress. The Project Manager is left with two possible occurrences:

1) A job without proper management could become problematic overnight. This situation is avoidable through good planning and support from executive management.
2) Severe changes in workloads, going from high levels to low levels, or no work at all. While the Project Manager was unable to sell or bid projects during the high work load period due to managing the work, the “Peak and Valley” syndrome will dominate.

This is not to say all Project Managers operate in such a manner. These scenarios exist and work well, provided the executive management plays a role in defining the needs and having the capability to cope during the valley segments. The Project Manager must be able to manage time very well and keep compliant with schedules and manpower requirements to meet production goals.

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