IGNOU 27th Convocation Students List

IGNOU 27th Convocation is going to be held in March 2014 and the university had been publishing the lists of eligible students for award of Degree/Diploma in 27th Convocation for different regional centers periodically. Finding your name in these lists may be a quit daunting task therefore, we have compiled a list of regional centers with a link to the list of eligible learners for the award of of degree/diploma in 27th Convocation of IGNOU.

Please select your regional center from the list given below to check your name in the list.

  1. RC Bijapur
  2. RC Khanna
  3. RC Shimla
  4. RC Rajkot
  5. RC Varanasi
  6. RC Koraput
  7. RC Bangalore
  8. RC Panaji
  9. RC Karnal
  10. RC Jaipur
  11. RC Lucknow
  12. RC Jabalpur
  13. RC Cochin
  14. RC Saharsa
  15. RC Bhopal
  16. RC Vijayawada
  17. RC Madurai
  18. RC Aligarh
  19. RC Trivandrum
  20. RC Gangtok
  21. RC Hyderabad
  22. RC Chennai
  23. RC Siliguri

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  1. what should I do to get my degree

  2. till when i can fil my 2 nd year form for mhd

  3. where z delhi in this list ?

  4. hi
    I did not find my name in the Bangalore list I have received the provisional certificate long back..
    do we need to fill any form to get the convocation??