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The last date of submission of IGNOU term end exam form is 30 September 2014 without late fee. If you have not submitted your exam form yet you can download IGNOU exam form here. Exam form can also be submitted online at exam.ignou.ac.in

IGNOU MCA Date Sheet of June 2013 Exam

Dear IGNOU MCA students, we have created a separate table of IGNOU MCA June 2013 Exam Date Sheet semester wise for your convenience.

Students of MCA Programme may contact their Regional Centres for venue and schedule of Practical Examination. The examination dates allotted in this date sheet is only for Theory Papers. Date-Sheet for Term-end Practical Examination for MCA Programme will be put on www.myignou.in at appropriate time.

Semester DATE DAY 10:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
1 06.06.2013 THU   MCS-011
10.06.2013 MON   MCS-012
11.06.2013 TUE   MCS-013*
13.06.2013 THU   MCS-014
15.06.2013 SAT   MCS-015*
2 07.06.2013 FRI   MCS-021
12.06.2013 WED   MCS-022
14.06.2013 FRI   MCS-023
17.06.2013 MON   MCS-024
3 03.06.2013 MON   MCS-031
05.06.2013 WED   MCS-032
08.06.2013 SAT   MCS-033*
18.06.2013 TUE   MCS-034
19.06.2013 WED   MCS-035
4 20.06.2013 THU   MCS-041
26.06.2013 WED   MCS-042
28.06.2013 FRI   MCS-043
5 06.06.2013 THU MCS-051  
10.06.2013 MON MCS-052  
11.06.2013 TUE MCS-053  
13.06.2013 THU MCSE-003  
15.06.2013 SAT MCSE-004  
22.06.2013 SAT MCSE-011  
* Duration of Examination will be 2 hours


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