IGNOU MEG Syllabus

Welcome to IGNOU MEG Syllabus section of myignou.in. Here you will find IGNOU MEG (Master of Arts (English)) syllabus and program structure.

The aim of the Master’s Degree in English (MEG) Program is to give the learners a sound understanding of English literature and also other literatures such as, American, Canadian, Australian, Indian English and other New Literatures. The learners would develop an understanding of English and other literatures of their choice in their proper historico-critical perspectives. A good knowledge of reading comprehension and writing skills would be a pre-requisite for this program.

IGNOU MEG: Master of Arts (English) Syllabus

First Year Courses
British Poetry 8
MEG-2 British Drama 8
MEG-3 British Novel 8
MEG-4 Aspects of Language 8
Second Year Compulsory Courses
MEG-5 Literary Criticism and Theory 8
Optional Courses (Choose any three)
MEG-6 American Literature 8
MEG-7 Indian English Literature 8
MEG-8 New Literatures in English 8
MEG-9 Australian Literature 8
MEG-10 English Studies in India 8
MEG-11 American Novel 8
MEG-12 A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature 8
MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation 8


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