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The last date of submission of IGNOU term end exam form is 30 September 2014 without late fee. If you have not submitted your exam form yet you can download IGNOU exam form here. Exam form can also be submitted online at exam.ignou.ac.in

Download MCS - 012 Study Material & Books

Download MCS - 012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (I SEM) Study Material & Books of IGNOU MCA. These books are very helpful for students who did not receive their study materials from IGNOU.

Collection of blocks and chapters in MCS - 012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (I SEM)

  1. Block-1 Introduction to Digital Circuits [4]
    • The Basic Computer
    • Data Representation
    • Principles of Logic Circuits - I
    • Principles of Logic Circuits - II
  2. Block-2 Basic Computer Organization [4]
    • The Memory System
    • The Input/Output System
    • Secondary Storage Techniques
    • I/O Technology
  3. Block-3 The Central Processing Unit [5]
    • Instruction Set Architecture
    • Registers,Micro-Operations and Instruction Execution
    • ALU Organization
    • The Control Unit
    • Reduced Instruction Set Computer Architecture
  4. Block-4 Assembly language Programing [4]
    • Microprocessor Architecture
    • Introduction to Assembly Language Programming
    • Assembly Language Programming (Part I)
    • Assembly Language Programming (Part II)


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