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Download MCS - 012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (I SEM) Study Material & Books of IGNOU MCA. These books are very helpful for students who did not receive their study materials from IGNOU.

Collection of blocks and chapters in MCS - 012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (I SEM)

  1. Block-1 Introduction to Digital Circuits [4]
    • The Basic Computer
    • Data Representation
    • Principles of Logic Circuits - I
    • Principles of Logic Circuits - II
  2. Block-2 Basic Computer Organization [4]
    • The Memory System
    • The Input/Output System
    • Secondary Storage Techniques
    • I/O Technology
  3. Block-3 The Central Processing Unit [5]
    • Instruction Set Architecture
    • Registers,Micro-Operations and Instruction Execution
    • ALU Organization
    • The Control Unit
    • Reduced Instruction Set Computer Architecture
  4. Block-4 Assembly language Programing [4]
    • Microprocessor Architecture
    • Introduction to Assembly Language Programming
    • Assembly Language Programming (Part I)
    • Assembly Language Programming (Part II)
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