Re-Evaluation of Answer Script Fees and Form Download

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The students, who are not satisfied with the marks/grade awarded to them in Term-end Examination may apply for re-evaluation before 31st March for result of December term-end examination and 30th September for result of June term-end examination or within one month from the date of declaration of results i.e. the date on which the results are made available on the University’s website on payment of Rs. 500/- per course by means of demand draft drawn in favour of IGNOU and payable at the city of evaluation centre in the prescribed application form. The better of the two scores of original marks/grades and marks/grades after reevaluation will be considered and updated in students’ record.

Re-evaluation is permissible in term-end examination only and not in Practicals/Lab courses, Project, Workshop, Assignment and Seminar etc.

Click Here to Download (Only the first page of this form is required)

  1. The request for re-evaluation by the student must be made before 31st March for December TEE and 30th September for June TEE or within one month of declaration of results, whichever is later.
  2. The date of declaration of result will be calculated from the date on which the results are placed on the IGNOU website.
  3. After re-evaluation, the better of the two scores of original marks/grade and marks/grade after reevaluation will be considered.
  4. The revised marks/grade after re-evaluation shall be communicated to the student on receipt of reevaluation result and result of re-evaluation will also made available on the IGNOU website at The minimum time required for re-evaluation shall be 30 days from the date of receipt of application.
  5. Re-evaluation is permissible in TEE only and not in the Project/Dissertation Practicals/Lab courses, Workshops, Assignments & Seminar etc.
  6. On the top of the envelope containing the prescribed application form, please mention ‘APPLICATION FORM FOR RE-EVALUATION OF ANSWER SCRIPTS’
  7. Application form must reach within the prescribed dates at the address of Evaluation center.

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