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BCS-012 Basic Mathematics Study Materials & Books Download

Download study material or books of IGNOU BCA new revised syllabus course BCS-012 (Basic Mathematics). This course consists of four blocks of books. The complete course structure is given below.

BCS-012 Basic Mathematics complete course structure

Block 1 ALGEBRA - I
  1. Mathematical Induction
  2. Matrices-II
  3. Matrices-I
  4. Determinants

Block 2 ALGEBRA - II
  1. Inequalities
  2. Equations
  3. Complex Number
  4. Sequence and Series

Block 3 Calculus
  1. Application of Integral Calculus
  2. Integration
  3. Simple Application of Differential Calculus
  4. Differential Calculus

Block 4 Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry
  1. Linear Programming
  2. Three- Dimensional Geometry - 1
  3. Vectors - 2
  4. Vectors - 1


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