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BCS-061P TCP/IP Programming Download
CS-62P 'C' Programming and Data Structure Download
CS-63P Introduction to System Software Download
CS-65P Windows Programming Download
CS-67P RDBMS Lab Download
CS-68P Computer Networks Download
CS-72P C++ and Object Oriented Programming Download
CS-74P Introduction to Internet Programming (Java) Download


  1. Design and implement a class my-prime using C++. The my-prime class stores the 40
    first seven prime numbers vi2.2,31 5,7,11, 13, 17 n an array. The class determines
    whether an input value (it should be between 1 and 400) is a prime value or not. The
    input value is stored in the class variable n by a function. The class also has a function
    that determines if n is prime or not. This information is output by an output function.
    You need to design the class and implement all the functions along with an appropriate
    main( ) function.

  2. can i get the previous 3 year's question paper of BCA semester 2, and discrete maths of semester 1... please help... please...

    1. yes you can, going to the site of www.ignou.ac.in then student zone then select question papers.now you can find all question papers of all semesters (choose your course and year)