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IGNOU June 2013 Exam Result

Many of IGNOU BCA and MCA students may be wondering how to calculate their total percentage obtained by them in the all the previous exams. Well, it can be done manually by adding the percentage of each subject from your grade card. The good news is that there exists a software developed by M. Grish Rao for calculating the percentage marks automatically. You just have to download it on your PC and choose your Course i.e. BCA or MCA, enter your Enrollment number and press submit.

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This calculator will work for MCA New Syllabus students only and NOT for Integrated Mode Students. Enter your Enrollment Number and Submit. Then click the link on the next page to view the calculation of your marks

Enrollment Number should be having 9 (nine) digits

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  1. pls upload MCA 3semister 2013-2014 year assignments

  2. its urgent upload MCA 3sem assignments year 2013-2014

  3. HI Fiaz,

    i used the calculator given by girish rao & i am really confused what it means by weight %, weighted total,weighted total (max)???

    my enrollment number is 044508507 for BCA...my 2 subjects like CS-72 & CS-74 ...got 17 & 24 Marks respectively in theory out of 60 Marks... if you see the CS-72 paper ..it is having assignment of (19)25, practical of (11)15 & Theory of (17)60 Marks , so in this case i failed by 3 marks... and in CS-74 ...assignment 19(25) & 24(60)...

    i am planning to give CS-74 for re-evaluation, as per my calculation even if i get 1 marks increase in theory that is 25 out of 60..i will be scoring 31 in 75 & 19 already i have in practical...can you please confirm if i am correct in calculation or wrong?? as after seeing the calculator i am confused a bit...so can you please help me to guide if i am correct..thanks

    i have one more question..what is the percent of passing in re - evaluation?? means are there any hopes of clearing...Leave a message...

  4. Didn't work for me.. shows only half my grade card and no percentage

  5. Thanks........

  6. not showing my percentage.

  7. Can anybody tell me what's my total percentage is my enrollment no. is 105339508 student of BAAVFX

  8. follow this link :

    This may help u to get check ur percentage.