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Download IGNOU FST-01: Foundation Course in Science and Technology books & study materials' all eight blocks at a time.The details of all the blocks & the chapters contained in them is given below.

FST-01: Foundation Course in Science and Technology Blocks and their names:

Block 1 : History of Science
  1. Science as a Human Endeavor
  2. Science in the Ancient World
  3. Iron Age
  4. The Golden Age of Science in India

Block 2 : Emergence of Modern Science
  1. Science in the Medieval Times
  2. Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and After
  3. Science in Colonial and Modern India
  4. The Method of Science and the Nature of Scientific Knowledge

Block 3 : Universe and Life: The Beginning
  1. Universe as a System
  2. Exploring the Universe
  3. The Solar System
  4. Origin and Evolution of Life
  5. Evolution of Man

Block 4 : Environment and Resources
  1. Ecosystem
  2. Components of Environment
  3. The Changing Environment
  4. Natural Resources
  5. Resource Utilisation, Planning and Management

Block 5 : Agriculture, Nutrition and Health
  1. Food and Agriculture
  2. Scientific Possibilities and Social Realities
  3. Food and Nutrition
  4. Health and Disease

Block 6 : Information, Knowledge, Insight
  1. Mind and Body
  2. Psychological Aspects of Behavior
  3. Information and Communication
  4. Modes of Communication

Block 7 : Science, Technology and Development
  1. Science and Technology in Industry
  2. Technology and Economic Development
  3. Modern Developments in Science and Technology-I
  4. Modern Developments in Science and Technology-II

Block 8 : New Perspectives
  1. Perceptions and Aspirations
  2. Science-The Road to Development

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