CS-60 Study Material and Books

Study Material and Books of CS-60: Foundation Course in Mathematics and Computing

Block 1 : Elements of Differential Calculus
  1. Real Numbers and Functions
  2. Limits and Continuity
  3. Differentiation
  4. Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions
  5. Derivatives of Some Standard Functions
Block 2 : Drawing Curves
  1. Higher Order Derivatives
  2. The Ups and Downs
  3. Geometrical Properties of Curves
  4. Curve Tracing
Block 3 : Integral Calculus
  1. Definite Integral
  2. Methods of Integration
  3. Reduction Formulas
  4. Integration of Rational and Irrational Functions

Block 4 : Applications of Calculus
  1. Applications of Differential Calculus
  2. Area Under a Curve
  3. Further Applications of Integral Calculus

Block 5 : Solutions of Polynomial Equation
  1. Sets
  2. Complex Numbers
  3. Cubic and Biquadratic Equations

Block 6 : Equations and Inequalities
  1. System of Linear Equations
  2. Cramer's Rule
  3. Inequalities

Block 7 : Conics
  1. Preliminaries in Plane Geometry
  2. The Standard Conics
  3. General Theory of Conics

Block 8 : The Sphere Cone and Cylinder
  1. Preliminaries in Three-Dimensional Geometry
  2. The Sphere
  3. Cones and Cylinders

Block 9 : Conicoids
  1. General Theory of Conicoids
  2. Central Conicoids
  3. Paraboloids

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  1. hi
    can i finish the BCA course in less than 3 years????

  2. there is no way to finish the BCA course in less than 3 years even if you already know what BCA has to offer...

  3. The study material of IGNOU CS-60 given by ignou is so tuf to understand. Can anyone tell me any reference book to understand the concepts of CS-60. Paid or unpaid.

  4. if u had math at your 10+2 std. u dont need to touch the blocks just open ur 12th std math books and revise them.
    i've seen students getting 75 out of 75 by doing this...

  5. for your kind information, there is no way to get 100% for anybody...
    If you're so confident, can U teach me so as to get 100% !!!

  6. It is not History, it is Mathematics. You can get 100% if you are smart or even 00% if you are a duffer !!!

  7. could i get suggestion and 10 question with Solution of Pattern by practising which i could pass cs-60

  8. @joyllove
    i can only suggest you to pay attention to Calculus cuz that's where most questions come from and the rest are easy enough to do for a 10+2 student

  9. i am the student of B.sc(IT) last semester after compete B.sc i want to MCA from ignou but problem is that i did not complete my 10+2 with math but i want mca can i take admission plz send me on this email id

  10. @ALAM
    Any graduate from a recognized university is eligible for MCA. However, the students who have not pursued Mathematics as a distinct subject at 10+2 are required to pursue and pass the CS-60 course concurrently.

  11. i was not having math in 10+2. i m facing lots of problem in CS60.can u plz suggest me some reference book.

  12. @ nishi
    I did not have math in 10+2 and I know how much problems you are facing... I wont suggest you books because math books are too complicated to learn from them. I would rather tell you to go for tuition or coaching classes as I did and cleared CS60 on the first attempt :)

  13. I can teach CS-60 online and offline both. contact jksin78@gmail.com

  14. contact bijivalooran@gmail.com for online tutions on cs-60

  15. I can teach cs-60 online. contact bijivalooran@gmail.com

  16. i finished my BBA this year...i will do my MBA(regular) next year....but i want to do MCA from IGNOU. so continue both MBA(regular) and MCA(distance) is good or bad?...pls help as soon as possible

  17. please suggest me some easy reference books to prepare CS-60 paper

  18. i have business maths in 10+2 can i have to sit for cs-60 exam or i get a direct admission for mca???

  19. yes of-course u can bcos in ignou it does,t require the math till u r graduate level but in mca of bca or bsc(it) in your first semester u have to give the additionally CS-60 examination.

    ok cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers your dream