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It’s a good habit to start reading study materials as soon as you get your name enrolled to make a good start. Though IGNOU provides study materials for free, there are number of students who do not receive study materials on time and some students even don’t receive them at all but don’t worry if you did not receive study materials because you can still find it here. Well, here I have listed the study materials of CS-611: Computer Fundamentals and PC Software below. So, be smart and start reading before others find them.

Download study materials by clicking on the chapter names (a new window will open ) and then click on the more button (you can find it on the top left corner of the document) and choose save document from the drop down list, you will be asked to log in, if you are not a member join Scribd by entering your email id and your desired password, that’s all; it’s so simple, isn’t it?

Study Materials of CS-611: Computer Fundamentals and PC Software

Block-1 Computer Fundamentals: Hardware & Software

Block-2 Computer Fundamentals: Communication, Networking, Security

Block-3 A Graphical User Interface

Block-4 Sample GUI Oriented Applications
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